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Allied Educators

Allied Educators work with teachers to nurture and develop every child in school by raising the quality of interaction with every child. They will support the teachers in the application of innovative pedagogies to instruct and interact with each pupil. They will also facilitate discussion groups as well as engage the pupils in their project work. Teachers will also involve allied educators in the delivery of enriching programmes and activities outside the classroom. The allied educators will also build rapport with the pupils to help them improve their self-confidence, self-esteem and sense of independence.

The 3 types of allied educators are as follows:

  • School Counsellor who provides social and emotional support to students;
  • AED (Learning and Behavioural Support) who guide the learning of students with special educational needs; and
  • AED (Teaching and Learning) who provide teaching and learning support and assist with pastoral care and Co-curricular Programmes.

Senior School Counsellor

Mr Dennis Tan Lai Hoe


School Counsellor

Mrs Vivienne John


Senior AED (Learning & Behavioural Support)

Ms Nur Afni



AED (Learning & Behavioural Support)

Mdm Tan Soh Kwan



AED (Learning & Behavioural Support)

Mdm Wong Lee Shya



AED (Learning & Behavioural Support)

Ms Gayathri Naidu