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The SAJS Hockey CCA aspires to reach out to each and every Saint who has a profound interest in hockey and in need for an opportunity to develop and shine their talents. It is a platform for hockey students to display their enthusiasm in the sport as well as to pick up commendable habits like teamwork and commitment which can be applied in their everyday lives. Its well planned and spaced out practices aim to inculcate the importance of discipline whereby students understand the importance of juggling well between their daily academic curriculum and their hockey trainings and tournaments. Students are also trained to carry out personal reflection to acquire a greater understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

In 2011, our junior boys clinched the National Championship whereas our senior boys came in 1st runners up. We hope to build on our achievements and even propel our boys to reach greater heights.

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  • Mdm Shanthi d/o E Ramian (shanthi_e_ramian@moe.edu.sg)
  • Mr Leo Hee Meng Kelvin (leo_hee_meng_kelvin@moe.edu.sg)
  • Mr Quek Ye Shaun (quel_ye_shaun@moe.edu.sg)
  • Mr Muhammad Shakir Sulaiman (muhammad_shakir_sulaiman@moe.edu.sg)