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Scouting activities are both educational and developmental. Since 1907, when the founder of scout, Sir Baden Powell, started scouting, the main objective of scouting is to nurture youths holistically, by engaging them in meaningful activities through guidance and scaffolding by a more skilful person.

Our unit aimed to provide Cub Scouts with the opportunities to lead and to serve. In every troop meeting, our Cub Scouts get to lead by example and learn by doing. Every individual is encouraged to be leaders of their own as well as for others. Hence, our Cub Scouts not only lead by example, they also do their duty to those in need.

To achieve our aim, our Cub Scouts are exposed to a variety of activities ranges from general knowledge, skills, creativity and survival techniques. Some examples of activity that we have been conducting are leadership training, map reading, knotting, hiking, art and craft, performing, outdoor cooking, camping and community involvement projects. These activities allow our Cub Scouts to earn badges upon successful completion of the assignments.

In scouting, we strongly emphasised commitment and dedication. In order to achieve the most out of scouting, Cub Scouts need to be responsible for their own progress and be committed to do their best. Cub Scouts are also expected to dedicate themselves towards advancing their knowledge and skills attained. Therefore, for those who intend to join us, please take note that at least 95% attendance is required annually. This is essential, because in primary 6, Cub Scouts who have been consistently showing excellent scouting qualities (attendance, commitment, progress and dedication) will be nominated for the highest award in the Cub Scout section, The Akela Award.

For those of you who are interested to join our family in scouting, we welcome you to embark on a journey towards effective personal development and personal character development through experiences.

Cub Scout microsite: tinyurl.com/saintsscouts


  • Mdm Zuraidah Bte Abdul Malik (zuraidah_abdul_malik@moe.edu.sg)
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