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St Andrew’s Junior School Presents A Musical “Payback” cum Band Performance

16 May 2019

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10 May 2019

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Imagine a world where everyone helps everyone else, without thought of reward. Now think of the opposite - a universe where no good deed is done, unless there is a reward, and where everyone is only prepared to help when there is payback.

Three friends, Warren, Greg and Ken each has a slightly different view of the world we all live in. Greg is an optimist, Ken is a pragmatist. And Warren? He has yet to make up his mind.

Now just imagine what might happen when the three friends are whisked off to an alternative universe, and are given a glimpse of the world as it might become, if people’s attitudes were just a little different. On their journey, they meet some weird and wonderful characters, and find themselves in some tricky situations as they try to find their way home.

Warren will find himself with a very difficult decision to make – a decision that needs the support and advice of his friends. But - will he listen to them? Will he follow their advice? Or will he listen to the voice of selfishness and greed? Will he choose the easy way? Or will he find another path to follow?

Payback, or Pay-forward? Which one will he choose? And which one will YOU choose?

As with all good stories, there are always some interesting morals to challenge and engage the audience.

The Saints Symphonic Band will also present ‘Celebration of Hope’, in line with Singapore’s Bicentennial Celebrations. You will be able to hear a repertoire of catchy tunes from popular pop songs, musicals and local compositions.

It would be our pleasure to have your family and you to watch this Musical and Band performance with us. Details are in the attached reply slip. We look forward to your support and a night of great entertainment and learning. Do reserve your seats early, before 31st May 2019 to avoid disappointment!

Ticket sales are available at St Andrew's Junior School - General Office.