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Principal's Letter - March 2021

Welcome back from the short one week break.

As we start Term 2, SAJS continues to provide holistic and positive learning experiences for our Saints while adhering to Safe Management Measures (SMM) and this requires the school to spend more time and effort in our planning and execution of all programmes and events. We celebrate that we are able to carry out several events despite SMM.

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Suspension of Parent Volunteer for 2021

Dear Parents of boys born in 2016,

Considering the prevailing situation and lack of deployment opportunities, the Parent Volunteer Scheme 2021 will regrettably not be implemented this year.  We wish your son(s) the very best in gaining admittance through the other appropriate Phases of the P1 Registration Exercise next year.

Yours sincerely,
School Partnership Team

Meet-The-Parent Slides

Dear Parents,

The Meet-The-Parent slides are available now.

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2021 Skills & Topic for Semester 1

Dear Parents & Students,

2021 Skills & Topic for Semester 1 are available for viewing below:

P1 Orientation Slides (2021 Cohort)

Dear 2021 P1 Parents,

The Primary 1 Orientation slides for 2021 Cohort are available now.

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2021 Primary 1 Administrative Toolkit

This information toolkit serves to support parents with the necessary administrative information to help you and your child prepare for a smooth transition to Primary 1. The various sections of the toolkit are as follows:
A.    Parents Gateway
B.    Service Providers
C.    2021 P1 Admin Day
D.    P1 Virtual Orientation

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Sexuality Education in SAJS

The school uses the Growing Years package as recommended by MOE. Only teachers trained in the package are deployed to teach the lessons. Lessons are taught during curriculum hours and are delivered through a modular...

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