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We aim for excellence in the development of an all-rounded pupil, moulded in Christian principles, so that he becomes an upright man of grace and polish.

Spiritual Aspect

St. Andrew's Junior School is an Anglican Church School and therefore highlights the Message of the cross and enlightens our students on the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Academic Aspect

The School seeks to educate, and not merely make literate, our students as it is important to prepare them to be good, useful and intelligent citizens. We recognize the wide range of academic ability of our students and we shall tailor our curriculum in terms of width, depth and variety, to best suit the different groups of students in our charge. The school recognizes the importance of achieving effective bilingualism and towards this end, we shall spare no effort to encourage and promote the learning of languages among our students. We also seek to promote high numeracy skills among our students.

Moral and Social Values

The School desires to imbue in our students moral and social values and aspirations of our society and to practise these in their relations with others. The School aims to have an effective moral education programme based on God's relevation to man in Jesus Christ.

Physical Education

The School recognizes the importance of physical fitness and shall encourage and maintain a high standard of aerobic and anaerobic fitness. P.E. is taken seriously as a subject and therefore the School aims to develop skills in at least 3 sports and/or games by the time the students leave St. Andrew's Junior School.

Curriculum Activities

The school’s curriculum is designed to develop the pupils cognitively, spiritually, social-emotionally, physically and aesthetically, with the view to provide all round education, and to realise the Desired Outcomes of Education and the vision of Thinking Schools, Learning Nation. Each child’s development in the various domains is catered through the curricular and co-curricular programmes.

(i) Curricular Programme

In the delivery of the curricular programme, we continue to focus on the development of character, thinking skills and creativity, and language competence. The intent is to develop each pupil morally and spiritually, social-emotionally and cognitively and to promote friendship and teamwork.

(ii) Co-curricular Programme

The Co-curricular Programme augments the curricular programme in that its activities are geared towards providing an all round education for the pupils and enabling them to learn continuously. It comprises Co-curricular Activities (CCAs), learning journeys, camps, overseas tours, enrichment programmes and additional classes. The co-curricular programmes play a significant role in ensuring that our pupils grow up to be robust and become men of grace.