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Chess Club


To nurture Holistic Thinkers and Skilled Communicators through Chess-playing.


ST1: Chess players are able to analyse Chess games and develop critical thinking by improving their Chess proficiency.

ST2: Chess players display resilience, self-discipline and integrity through Chess-playing. Every game serves as a chance for the boys to strive for excellence. Senior players will guide the new players and teach them how to play Chess.

ST3: Chess players are given adequate training. Each player has the chance to progress to competitive squad to represent the school, with timely assessment on his Chess proficiency.


CCA training day and timing: Fri, 7.30 am to 9.30 am


CCA location: MT3, MT4, MT5

Parent can help us in the following areas

1. Encourage boys to play Chess when they are free

2. Challenge the boys’ thinking by asking them to explain their moves and think of better moves

3. Help out at Chess Tournaments

Chess Club Website



  • MsJoyce Chy Hui Leng (chy_hui_leng_joyce@moe.edu.sg)
  • Ms Nicolette Yap (nicolette_yap_jee_lian@moe.edu.sg)
  • Mrs Lim Chee Jew (chin_chee_jew@moe.edu.sg)