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The Concert Band, also known as “The Saints Symphonia”, aims to groom and produce excellent musicians. Our vision is to provide our students with an enriching music education and to develop our members into gentlemen and future leaders, both academically and aesthetically.

In the Concert Band, we not only give students the opportunity to learn to play an instrument, we also ensure the students experience a holistic education, with special emphasis on developing the students’ character and leadership qualities. Through the activities the students engage in during band practices and rehearsals, the students learn the importance of achievement-orientation and teamwork and develop team spirit, a sense of camaraderie and personal commitment to their fellow members. The students will also get a chance to hone their leadership skills as they are given responsibilities within the band.

Joining the Concert Band will also allow the students to showcase their musical talents through local and international performances and competitions. We welcome everyone to audition and be a part of this exciting CCA!

Special note:  Students with medical conditions such as fits and epilepsy are not encouraged to apply for the band.

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  • Ms Wendy Foo (wendy_foo_siew_li@moe.edu.sg)
  • Ms Victoria Phua (victoria_phua_yiling@moe.edu.sg)
  • Ms Tang Junli (tang_junli@moe.edu.sg)
  • Ms Pearlyn Sew (sew_bee_jun_pearlyn@moe.edu.sg)