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The SAJS Badminton CCA aims to equip all our members with a strong foundation of basic badminton skills and develop them to their fullest potential. In badminton, every CCA session always starts and ends with emphasis on character building. The members get ample opportunities for develop their character and leadership potential through various games and activties. One such example is the peer coaching programme which our school team players will help train the weaker players. We are also very thankful that we have a strong parents support group who always offers us help when in need. With these, I look forward to the future of our badminton CCA with much hope and confidence. Up and On!


The badminton team has various programme to grow our pupils. For example, we have the Values Education programme to develop character in pupils. During this period, pupils will be given opportunities to solve a problem using the traits of TRUEWISE. They have to work together as a team to find a solution using the shortest amount of time. Through this programme, the boys would become servant leaders who will serve in the coming days.


Training for School Team: Every Monday and Wednesday 2.15 a.m. to 4.15 p.m.

Training for CCA on Friday: 7:30am to 9:30am


School Hall / Gym

Parent can help us in the following areas

Parents can partner us by emphasizing the value of TRUEWISE to your child. This will help them to develop good sportsmanship and build strong relationship with others. You could also play badminton with your child frequently so that he is exposed to badminton as much as possible. This will help him to grow mentally and physically and help him to prepare for the badminton game.


  • Mr Alvin Chooi (chooi_sian_woon@moe.edu.sg)
  • Ms Manimagaliammal d/o Ramachandran (manimagaliammal_r@moe.edu.sg)
  • Mdm Tin Shu Yee (tin_shu_yee@moe.edu.sg)
  • Mdm Sharon Yap (yap_miao_koon_sharon@moe.edu.sg)