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Boys' Brigade


To nurture in each boy the habits of obedience, reverence, discipline, self-respect and all that will lead towards a true Christian Manliness.


The 7th Junior Company runs a weekly program on Friday morning together with the help of the sponsoring church, Church of the Ascension, where the boys are nurtured, based on Christian values, to serve and to lead. Each boy in his respective level goes through a yearly badge workbook. The badge workbook covers four aspects, mainly spiritual, physical, enrichment and social.

Under spiritual, the boys learn more about Jesus and ways to relate to God. Under physical, the boys learn about drills and have adventure through their camps. Through these, they learn about more about self-discipline, resilience and unity. Under enrichment, life skills and personal development such as sewing and cooking are taught. Under social, they learn how to exhibit empathy to the less privileged and serve the community such as leading the P1 and P2 during their PAL program.

At P6, every boy will go through a competition (Adventure Quest) in order to obtain their final badge, the Gold badge. This exclusive badge is the only badge he can wear if he chooses to pursue BB when he enters secondary school.

Every year, all the boys (P3 to P6) will go through a selection test for the annual Character Quest. This competition emphasizes on the bible characters and their traits which the boys can learn from them.

Besides these competitions, there are other events such as BB Cares where boys are involved in serving the community and we have BB Share-a-Gift event where boys are encouraged to donate food items for the less fortunate. An annual camp is also held to strengthen all these traits taught. This helps to reinforce the lessons taught in badge work.

Parent can help us in the following areas

(A) Annual Camp - Guide and encourage the boys through their hikes and activities as they learn values such as resilience and unity.

(B) Weekly Parades - Teach the boys values through bible stories, discipline through drills, or striving for excellence through games. You can even volunteer to teach them a certain skill you are good at such as sewing and many more. Do contact us if you are available to help out.

Boys' Brigade Website

Boys' Brigade Website


  • Mrs Germaine Yap (yap_limin_germaine@moe.edu.sg)
  • Mr Sitt Wei Kian (sitt_wei_kian@moe.edu.sg)
  • Mr Lee Kai Chuen Bruce (lee_kai_chuen_bruce@moe.edu.sg)