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H.O.P.E was conceived in October 2007 to help P4 to P6 boys in need.

The H.O.P.E Programme stands for Help Our Pupils Excel.

The HOPE Programme consists of five components:

1. Game Programming 
2. Talk on Beyong PSLE 
3. After-School Self-Study Programme 
4. Lifeskills Training Programme 
5. “HOPE Takes Flight” Programme

Game Programming

This programme will take the pupils through an IT course that would teach them to design computer games that are related to English, Mathematics and Science. Pupils will be more motivated to know about the subjects that they are learning because they need to know them well before they can design a credible game.

Talk on Beyond PSLE

This will be a talk that will help the pupils to understand why they need to put in effort now in order for them to have a future that they are dreaming of.

After-School Self-Study Programme & Lifeskills Training Programme

The school will make available tutors to supervise the boys after school so that they complete their homework and apply the study skills they have learnt in organizing their own study time for themselves. On Wednesdays, members of the Church of Ascension’s SAV Boys’ Club will mentor, teach them life skills and play games with them.

“HOPE Takes Flight” Programme

In turn, our HOPE Programme boys will give back to others. At least once in their upper primary years, the HOPE boys will be taken on an overseas

Community Involvement Programme where they will help others by participating in activities that will benefit the less fortunate.

The school will also be inviting old boys who have struggled against the odds but made good to talk to the boys and show them living examples of people who have managed to succeed.


Mrs Lim Chee Jew