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Character & Citizenship Education

Committee Vision

To equip each Saint with the skills, competencies, values and attitudes to become a Servant Leader


(i) Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP)

The FTGP provides teachers with a platform for the explicit teaching of Social-Emotional Learning values and allows for teachers to interact with students through meaningful and enriching activities to further Teacher-Student Relationship. This time is also used for the one-to-one interviews of the students that are conducted by either the Form or Co-Form teachers of the class. FTGP is conducted once a week.

(ii) Zero Period

Zero period is a 30 minute lesson conducted at the beginning of the day for 2 days a week.

The lessons help to develop social emotional competencies in pupils. It also helps to improve teacher-pupil relationship as well as create a greater bonding amongst peers. By building quality relationship we hope to make schooling a pleasant experience for our children so that they look forward to coming to school. A wide variety of activities are carried out during these lessons. Some of which include breakfast sessions, games, goal setting activities, time management tips, reflection writing etc.

(iii) Values-in-Action

The aim of Values-in-Action is to instill in our pupils a love for the community they are immediately immersed in, i.e. the school, and the wider St Andrew’s community. As they mature, we aim to make each Saint aware of the Singaporean community as they undertake more outreach programmes to the less fortunate among Singapore society. Values-in-Education is the `practical action’ component of our Character Development Programme. Even as the children learn about school values and other moral values, they need to practise these and develop life-long attitudes towards service and care for others.

(iv) Sexuality Education

The school uses the Growing Years package as recommended by MOE. Only teachers trained in the package are deployed to teach the lessons. Lessons are taught during curriculum hours and are delivered through a modular programme.

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Parents can help us in the following areas

(i) Be our partners

Be our partners in education by reinforcing the values and attitudes that are taught in school. Please ensure that your son wears the prescribed school uniform as stipulated in the school Personal Organizer. Instill the importance of punctuality by ensuring that your son reports to school punctually. Help him plan a study timetable so that he is able to manage his time effectively to complete to his homework and to revise his work to consolidate learning. Do monitor your son’s work closely to show that you are working in collaboration with the school to help him reach his potential.

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