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Information & Communications Technology

Committee Vision

An IT-rich learning community of responsible and competent ICT users.


(i) ICT Skills Training

The department develops her programmes based on MOE ICT baseline standards and beyond.

Pupils from all levels are exposed to IT lessons on top of integrated ICT lessons within the curriculum. The lessons take place on a weekly basis and apart from learning the skills, boys are tasked with a mini-project at the end of the course where they will be graded based on assessment rubrics. We learned that these mini-projects are extremely important to our boys' socio-intellectual development because it is in itself an authentic situation and promotes problem-solving skills and intellectual character.

The scope and depth of the IT lessons are catered specifically to the child's developmental age.

At SAJS, ICT Baseline Standards and Cyber Wellness topics are intregated into our curriculum and topics, click here to learn about our ICT Enrichment Programme:

Besides training IT Captains of the classes, the department also reach out to higher ability pupils, where they are invited to join the Media Club. Other than Infocomm training programmes, the Media Club also challenges the young minds on projects, as well as nation-wide and international IT competitions.

(ii) Cyber Wellness

Need more information on Cyber Wellness? Go to MOE's Cyber Wellness portal or Media Literacy Council! It provides a repository of cyber wellness resources and practical tips for parents and educators to gain a better understanding and knowledge of cyber wellness.

Parents can help us in the following areas

(i) Cyber Wellness

Be our partners in education by reinforcing the Cyber Wellness values and attitudes that are taught in school. Monitor your son's usage of the computer and set up Family Safety tools to protect your son online.

There are numerous Family Safety tools available. Here are some of them:

A set of slides, consisting of the following topics, is available for your perusal:

  • Definition of cyber wellness
  • Key MOE cyber wellness messages
  • Technological trends & research findings
  • Parents’ role in the cyber wellness curriculum
  • Examples of how Singapore youths are shaping the cyber space

Please download the slides:

(ii) Eye rest and Well-Being

Parents can also help by reminding your son to have adequate eye rest after prolonged use of the computer. Computer should be used in well-lit area to prevent straining of the eyes. To avoid repetitive strain injury, ensure that your son have regular breaks.

Singapore Student Learning Space

As part of its commitment to nurturing future-ready learners, the Ministry of Education had announced that all students in Singapore schools will be supported in their learning by the Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS), an online learning platform that contains curriculum-aligned resources and learning tools. 

Click here to Get Started with Singapore Student Learning Space

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