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We are excited that you are here on the library's website. Here is an overview of the wonderful programmes and activities that we have here in SAJS.

Committee Vision

Every Saint an avid reader and a reading ambassador. 

Programmes and Activities

1. Drop Everything and Read (D.E.A.R.) Programme

P1 to P6 students are required to read an English storybook on Mondays to Wednesdays and a Mother Tongue storybook on Thursdays and Fridays from the time they arrive at their classrooms to 7.30am. Students can read any book of their choice during this time. 

At appropriate junctures and based on the class readiness, the class English Captain will invite various students to share a book review. This provides them an opportunity to practise public speaking and learn from other students’ reading experiences.

Through this programme, we hope to cultivate a routine of self-directed and independent reading.

2. P1 and P2 Reading Programme

To encourage and develop in students the passion for reading and to cultivate in them the habit of reading widely, each class will be issued English and Mother Tongue books for students to borrow. Students will read one book each which will be loaned out by their teacher before exchanging it with their classmates.

3. P3 to P6 Reading Programme

To encourage and develop in students the passion for reading and to cultivate in them the habit of reading widely, there are 2 programmes which we have in place for teachers to select from based on the needs of the students. 

The Book Bag Programme

The objective is to promote a culture of reading among the students and to create a platform for them to share their reading experiences and love of reading, based on age appropriate books specially selected by the class English teacher.

Reading Quest Activity

The objective is to encourage self-directed and independent reading of various book genres. Students will also have the opportunity to reflect on their reading and demonstrated what they have read through a variety of post reading activities.

4. Library Periods

Classes are scheduled to visit the library on a fortnightly basis during their English lessons. During this period, students will have the opportunity to borrow English and Mother Tongue books as well as use the facilities provided in the library for reading related activities. 

5. Termly Reading Competitions

Competitions are organised every term to encourage the students to read on a variety of topics. Selected winners may have their work displayed on the library board and will receive a token for their participation. 

6. National Library Board (NLB) Book Buzz and Mass Borrowing 

The school works closely with NLB to promote the joy of reading in the students. A representative from the NLB will give termly Book Buzz sessions to share stories and information about the National Libraries with the students. NLB will organize Mass Borrowing sessions in the school where books are brought from the National Library and booths are set up for students to borrow after which they will have to return it directly to the National Library. 

So how can you partner with us?

Reading with your son is perhaps the most important activity that we strongly recommend. When you read to your son, it demonstrates the value that you're attaching not only to reading itself but him. 

If you would like to access some useful reading lists, here they are for your easy reference: