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Student Management

Committee Vision

Each Saint an exemplary character who displays self-discipline.


(i) Discipline with Care and Dignity

A whole school approach that encourages positive school ethos and climate in which there is a culture of respect, care and concern, strong teacher-pupil relationship, generation and celebration of success experiences for pupils.

Consequences will be meted out according to the types of offences and there is a process of escalation so that there will be appropriate intervention.

Pupils are encouraged to use computer and/or internet responsibly. Inappropriate use of computer and/or internet will be personally handled by the Principal.

(ii) Staff Involvement

Adopting preventive strategies, such as good classroom management, early identification and intervention for at-risk pupils.

(iii) Developmental Programmes

Teaching of lifeskills, thinking skills and social-emotional competencies through FTGP, morning reminders at devotions and when the need arises.

(iv) Pastoral Care Programmes

Level talks by school counsellor as well as targeted sessions with school counsellor for individual students to meet the needs of the students.

(v) Assembly Talks, Spot Checks

School rules establish order and communicate expected behaviours of pupils. These rules are communicated to the pupils clearly and regularly. The reminders stress on character development, values inculcation, and emphasize on self-discipline and personal responsibility.

Parents can help us in the following areas

(i) Be our partners

Be our partners in education by reinforcing the values and attitudes that are taught in school.

Please remind your son to wear the prescribed school uniform as stipulated in the school Personal Organizer and go through the school rules with him.

Instill the importance of punctuality by ensuring that your son reports to school punctually and be with their class for morning assembly when the school bell rings.

Teach him the importance of self-discipline in all that he sets out to do and to demonstrate exemplary character at all times.

School Homework Policy

The purpose of homework is to support the teaching in class and provide opportunities for pupils to apply the knowledge and skills learnt in the classroom. It will enable pupils to realise their responsibility for independent learning and strengthen their good study habits and skills.

Homework should also serve as a form of formative assessment to provide valuable feedback for learning. Click here to learn more about the School Homework Policy.

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