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Department Vision

Each Saint is a self-directed problem-solver.

Department Aims

We hope that to develop the following learning dispositions in our Saints:

  • To persevere in problem-solving
  • To seek connections and apply learning
  • To provide logical reasoning
  • To be accurate
  • To think about your own thinking

From Primary One to Primary Four, much emphasis is placed on the understanding concepts and acquiring skills. While the pupils are learning the skills, they need to focus on the processes which include the ability to reason, communicate (explain solutions) and make connections.

When the pupils proceed to Primary Five and Primary Six, the ability to problem-solve becomes the key. A successful and effective problem-solver will be able to apply the mathematical concepts and skills learnt in different situations including non-routine ones and real-world problems. In order to do this, other than focusing on understanding concepts, acquiring skills, explaining processes, they need to be able to monitor their own Mathematical learning and have a positive attitude towards the subject.


We have a structured curriculum across six levels focussing on the developing and deepening understanding of concepts and acquisition of skills. Our boys are engaged cognitively in lessons with the use of math manipulatives, ICT, MTV and problem-based performance tasks. Different heuristics skills are incorporated into the curriculum and hands-on activities are carried out during lessons so as to deepen understanding and learning. Some of our favourite thinking routines are Claim-Connect-Confirm, What makes you say that, I used to think…Now I think, See-Think-Wonder and Connect-Extend-Challenge. To explicitly focus on the use of Polya’s model, we have come up with different thinking protocols and questioning techniques to support pupils’ thinking through the 4 stages.


In our continuous pursuit for excellence and upholding our 'Up and On' spirit, Mathematics was extended beyond the classrooms. Mathematics has been integrated in different platforms such as Charity Pushcart Programme, Learning Journeys for our Primary One and Two students, P5 Math trail (Collaboration with St. Andrew's Secondary School) as well as P6 Entrepreneurship Day. Entrepreneurship Week is an activity that integrates other subjects. This is a yearly Primary Six activity and pupils will get the opportunity to become 'entrepreneurs'. The pupils will work in groups to plan, market, price, promote and implement their projects which may be selling products or providing services.These are opportunities which allow pupils to experience and learn mathematics in an authentic way.

As part of the HA programme, our pupils also enrolled in Math Olympiad Workshops ( P3, P4 and P5 attended Maths Olympiad Programme ) and took part in several Mathematics Competitions like the Raffles Institution World Mathematics Competition, SMOPS, NMOS and SASS Math and Science Competition. See table below for our achievements. We also have a Learning Support Programme to help P1 and P2 boys attain fundamental and essential numeracy skills.

Parents can help us in the following areas

(i) Be encouraging

Be encouraging - so that your child can feel that his effort is appreciated and he will attempt to do all the sums.

(ii) Process is more important than final answer

Take time to look at the working and not just the final answer. It is possible that there are a variety of methods that can be used to solve a problem. Identify common key words and vocabulary which would help the child restate the problem.

(iii) Check for reasonableness of answers

Make a conscious effort to train them in terms of how to check their work. In most situations, pupils merely check if they have completed the paper. Test them to check for 'appropriateness of answers'. Eg: An eraser cannot possibly costs $120!

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