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Mother Tongue


(i) 2-2-2 model

In order for the department to work in a progressive manner, it is believed that the 6-year education has to complement one another. The Mother Tongue department of SAJS works in a 2-2-2 model, and focus on specific areas of development at each phase of 2 years.

Phase 1

Primary 1- Primary 2: The Candy floss Program

As reflected by its name, the candy floss program carries the characteristics very much like the candy floss itself, sweet, attractive and soft. Through the incorporation of stories, songs and games into the curriculum, we focus on “winning the hearts” of the little ones, making the learning of Mother Tongue interesting and attractive.

Phase 2

Primary 3- Primary 4: The Vineyard Program

The genes of the Vineyard program are to cultivate good learning attitudes and habits. At this phase, teachers will emphasize on the building of reading, writing and information seeking skills to prepare a “fertile and rich” soil for further development of more complex linguistic skills in the next phase.

Phase 3

Primary 5- Primary 6: The Guinness Record Program

At Primary 5 and Primary 6 levels, teachers will focus on enhancing all linguistic skills taught in the first four years of their primary education as well as examination techniques, to encourage pupils to break their own records and excel in their final stage of learning in the primary school.

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Parents can help us in the following areas

(i) Attitude 

Help your child to adopt the right attitude.

(ii) Monitoring 

Ensure your child follows the class training plan (promptness in preparation, homework, revision).

(iii) Reading 

Encourage your child to read (books, magazines, papers), watch and listen to the news daily.

(iii) Speaking 

Ensure your child gets as much support in his learning as possible (at least one adult: parent/ sibling/ grandparent to speak to him in his MT and help him at home).

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 Ms Lin Jingya ( HOD  / Mother Tongue)


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