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Department Vision

Each Science pupil, an inquirer, an innovator and an environmentalist.

Department Mission

Prepare a path of inquisitiveness for every individual to develop a life-long passion for continual improvement of self and the environment to make this word a better place.


(i) BSCS 5Es Instructional Model

The school uses the ACE pedagogy in teaching. The department aims to provide pupils with Authentic experiences. Customized boy friendly strategies are used to help pupils reach their learning objectives. Values are Embedded in the lesson carried out during the lessons. The modified BSCS 5Es instructional model of Engage, explore, explain, explore and evaluate is utilized to align with the department vision.

(ii) Hands-on Activities

The department uses hands on activities to help pupils deepen their knowledge of the various concepts. We use Educational videos to enthuse and engage pupils. Lively classroom discussions to promote scientific thinking, presentations and seat work to consolidate their knowledge.

(iii) Environment as the Third Teacher

The department is also actively looking for and building outdoor learning stations to bring the classroom into the outdoors. An integrated approach of actively using IT as a means of engaging and deepening understanding concepts in the form of Data loggers is widely carried out in the school. Learning Journeys are organized yearly to ensure pupils received a more well-rounded education.

(iv) Alternative Assessment

Science practical examinations (P3 to P6) are carried out yearly as a form of alternative assessment, again to give pupils a wider exposure and experience.

Parents can help us in the following areas

(i) Encourage curiosity by asking questions

Parents can engage your child through asking questions to stimulate the thinking of your child. Allowing them to explore different forms of answers and if possible, to validate their theories.

(ii) Monitoring

Parents can also help by ensuring their sons properly files their worksheets and plan a study schedule with your child to revise their work. Do note that the examinations includes topics from the previous years. E.g. P5 SA1 will include topics from p4 and P3 as well.

Contact Us

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