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The Aesthetics Department seeks to teach Music and Art skills and appreciation through Expressing, Enjoying, Creating and being Critical thinkers.  This is done through a variety of engaging and enriching Music and Art programmes and activities.

(i) Music

For music, the focus is on the teaching and learning of basic theory, music appreciation and music making.  All pupils are able to play the recorder and the guitar with some proficiency by the time they reach the Primary Six level.  This is the kind of confidence we instill in our boys - the ability to express themselves musically through one or more forms of expressions.

(ii) Art

The new Art curriculum seeks to cultivate a spirit of innovation and experimentation and teaches pupils to share their ideas, thoughts and feelings through their art work with the aim of developing self-confidence and celebrating achievements.  In the process, pupils also develop appreciation for the visual art and become visually literate in their ability to observe, understand and make meaning of what they see. Through in house and external art competitions, pupils are given the opportunity to express themselves and feel excited about the art making process with the assistance of skilled external art vendors in partnership with our own art teachers.

Parents can help us in the following areas

(i) Encourage boys to appreciate music and art

Encourage boys in the Music and Art lessons through being supportive and talking to them about expressing and appreciating Art and Music in their various forms.

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