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Singapore's Cyber Security Awareness Day

Singapore's Cyber Security Awareness Day - A Nation-wide Call-to-action

Singapore's 3rd Cyber Security Awareness Day is marked on 24 July 2013. Under Singapore's Infocomm Security Masterplan 2, programmes were introduced to raise infocomm security awareness and adoption in Singapore. Inaugurated in 2011, the Awareness Day (a joint initiative of IDA and the Cyber Security Awareness Alliance[1]) will be observed annually to reinforce the security awareness messages and as a reminder of the threats in the cyber world and the need to take personal responsibility by adopting secure online practices. For this year's Awareness Day, a series of outreach events will be held in the months leading up to the actual day.

The Awareness Day reaches out to individuals and organisations from the Public, Private and People sectors through nationwide call-to-actions for them to take personal responsibility in securing themselves when going online. The action will be in the form of pledges for individuals and organisations to adopt the correct computer, mobile, wireless and online security practices. Individuals and organisations may pledge for one or more of the call-to-actions. The proposed actions that individuals and organisations may take to fulfil the call-to-actions are as follows:

S/N Call-to-actions Possible actions that you can take
1 Computer Security
  • Install / update anti-virus software on all your computers
  • Install personal firewall on all your computers
2 Mobile Security
  • Enable your mobile device password lock
  • Disable Bluetooth / Wifi when not in use
3 Wireless Security
  • Disallow unknown devices from connecting to your home router
  • Enable WPA/WPA2 on your home wireless router
4 Online Identity
  • Avoid posting personal particulars online (e.g. mobile number, date of birth)
  • Restrict social media profile's accessibility

You could also do the pledging via https://www.gosafeonline.sg/awareness.

[1] The Cyber Security Awareness Alliance is co-led by IDA and SiTF, with members from the Government, private enterprises, trade associations and non-profit organizations. The Alliance, formed in April 2008, aims to build a positive culture of cyber security in Singapore and to promote and enhance awareness and adoption of essential infocomm security practices for the private and people sectors.