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Physical Education & CCA

Department Vision

Each Saint an active and healthy individual.


(i) PHE Syllabus

P1 to P4 pupils learn skills in the domains of Athletics, Dance, Games & Sports, Gymnastics, Physical Health Education and Outdoor Education.

(ii) Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

P1 to P2 pupils participate in a whole year programme exploring, experiencing and expressing themselves in the domains of Outdoor Education, Performance Arts, Sports & Games and Visual Arts.

(iii) Saints Games Day

P1 to P6 pupils showcase skills learnt from PHE Syllabus in a sporting event designed to achieve team excellence.

(iv) P3 SwimSafer Programme / P3 Swimming Carnival

P3 pupils participate in a learn-to-swim programme ending with a swimming carnival to showcase the skills they have learnt.

(v) Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

P3 to P6 pupils participate in CCA to develop their talent and interest, showcase character and contribute their efforts to achieve team goals.

Parents can help us in the following areas

(i) Encourage the love for outdoor activities

Outdoor activities help children to experience and enjoy the environment. Simple activities such as walks can help to stimulate their senses, improve metabolism and reduce the risk of myopia.

(ii) Encourage the love for team play

Playing with friends and neighbours at the playground or sports facilities can help to develop teamwork and leadership.

(iii) Volunteer for Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

Involve yourself in PAL and experience the fun pupils enjoy every Friday. (iii) Volunteer for Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) Involve yourself in CCA

Contact Us

Mr Khairil Anuar ( HOD / Aesthetics, PE & CCA )


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