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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.How do I get to St Andrew's Junior School?
A1.Buses nearby are Bus 8, 26, 31, 90, 90A, 142, 151, 154, 857, 966 & 985
MRT nearby is Potong Pasir
Q2.How do I contact the school?
 A2. You may contact us at the following:
 General enquires & feedback email: SAJS@moe.edu.sg
 Tel: +65 6288 4303

 Fax: +65 6289 5242

For IT Service & Support: ICT@saintandrewsjunior.moe.edu.sg

 Q3. What CCAs are offered at St Andrew's Junior School?
 A3.Clubs: Chess, Eco, Media, Visual Art Club
Performing Arts: Band, Choir
Sport and Games: Badminton, Basketball, Hockey, Rugby, Sports Club, Swimming
Uniform Groups: Boys' Brigade, Scouts
 Q4. How do I update my child's particulars or travel declaration?
 A4.You may download the Parents Portal app on your smart device and update your child's particulars or travel declaration within the app.
 Q5. I would like to contact one of the school staff.
 A5. You may find our staff's contact email address here if you would like to contact them directly.
 Q6. Where do I view the school's calendar of events?
 A6. You may view our school calendar here.
Q7. My child needs to take a school bus to school. How can I make the necessary arrangements?
A7. You may contact the school's bus operator to make the necessary arrangements.