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Dads Coffee Club

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Magic happens when a son gets the undivided attention of his father.  The boy has a role model in his father. He is secure. He knows who he can turn to when he needs help.

At Saints Dads’ Coffee Club, we have sharing sessions and events that encourage one-to-one father son bonding.

We have activities every month, interactive talks by guest speakers and Father-Son bonding activities.

Our guest speakers are from different walks of life, from school principals to prison officers, all who share the firm belief that the world will be a better place when fathers are present in their children’s lives.

What fathers said

  • I had a great time hanging out with my son.
  • I had a great bonding time with my son tonight!  It was a good program. I followed the suggested discussion items and was pleasantly surprised by my boy’s answers.
  • Enjoyed the bonding time with my boy. We were still playing with the car till late in the evening.

Saints DCC monthly talks are reserved for fathers only. We believe in providing a safe environment for Saints fathers to share our fathering challenges. It is within this safe space that we commit ourselves to take action on the areas of fathering that need attention