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Saints Mums Club

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Saints Mums Club (SMC) was previous known as Mums’ Book club, founded by Ex-SASS principal, Mrs Lucy Toh. As the landscape of parenting evolved, SAPTA recognised the need to reach out and engage parents in a different way.

The vision of Ex-SAPTA Chairlady, Mrs Deborah Wang-Lee is to Empower, Engage and Encourage parents, so as to build a supportive community in SAV. With this in mind, Mrs DeborahWang-Lee successfully reformed Mum's Book Club to Saints Mums Club.

Since 2018, SMC has been conducting monthly sharing and parenting talks that help mums to journey through the rough terrain of parenting teenage boys. In 2020, due to Covid-19 pandemic, SMC team shifted from organising talks in school to organisingand hosting parenting Webinars via Zoom, and with this move the team saw an increase in the number of mothers we managed to reach out to. This has encouraged the team tremendously, and we hope to see more mothers joining us.

As SMC team believes in a holistic approach in parenting, other than talks on parenting skills, we also organised talks on healthy eating and Education & Career Guidance.

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