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Post PSLE Activities

3 October 2013

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Post PSLE activities

This letter marks the end of the busy preparation for the PSLE.  We celebrate with the boys the effort put in by them to want to do well.  I’m pleased to announce the slew of activities that we have lined up for the boys to ensure that they have an enriching post PSLE.

A weekly plan of what to expect is attached here:




T4 Wk3

1. Post PSLE Activities briefing for the cohort
2. Children’s Day Celebration


T4 Wk4

1. National Education Forum
2. Social Studies and Health Ed SA2 Exams
3. Battlefield Trip (Learning Journey)
4. Sexuality Education talk (final installment)
5.Photoshop IT lessons for 6T/ 6R/ 6U/ 6E
6. Commencement of Song item rehearsals

In preparation for Batam

T4 Wk5

1. PSLE Marking Week

No lessons for all

T4 Wk6

1. Photoshop IT lessons for 6W/ 6I
2. 3 days of Elective Modules


T4 Wk7

1. Conversation Malay modules
2. Entrepreneurship Day
3. Photoshop IT lessons for 6SD

In Preparation for Batam

T4 Wk8

1. Batam Service Learning Trips
(refer to attached for more details)

6 Nov: 6T & 6I
7 Nov: 6U, 6W and 6SD
8 Nov: 6R & 6E 

T4 Wk9

1. SAPTA food fair
2. P6 Graduation day
3. End of Term


Forms, Particulars and Payment

As some of the activities start as soon as next week, I seek your cooperation in looking through the activities planned out for your child/ ward and make the necessary arrangement in terms of filling out and signing of the forms, preparing the related documents for collection or making payments for the various activities.

Collection of the necessary documents will commence in Week 4. We aim to complete the collection by 8th October. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact the respective Form teachers.

Attached in this letter are three separate forms and details of three different events:
1. Elective Modules (Click to download)
2. Battlefield Learning Journey (Click to download)
3. Batam Service Learning Trip (Click to download)

Please retain all useful pieces of information for your future reference. Thank you.


For the P6 level
Mr Daniel Yak

Click here to download the letter.