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Application for Leave of Absence

In support of Singapore’s regionalisation efforts, the school has adopted a Leave of Absence Scheme (LOA) to facilitate children who accompany their parents on overseas posting to be readmitted upon their return.

Under this scheme, children granted LOA will continue to be registered as a student of the school. Upon their return, they can be readmitted directly.


The child must be a Singapore citizen (SC) or Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) , and

  • is presently studying in our school and will be accompanying his parent on an overseas posting and intends to rejoin us on his return,  or
  • have registered for Primary One but will be overseas at the start of the school year

LOA Services

We will provide the following services to our LOA students to ensure that they remain engaged with our school and to ease their subsequent return to the school:

  • Administrative matters  — We will inform LOA students of key notices that impact them, e.g. P1 sibling registration, DSA exercises, registration for key national examinations, LOA renewal and returning arrangements, etc.
  • Academic Matters  — Upon request, the school will send assessment/past year exam papers to parents/guardians via email.
  • Relationship Matters  — We will keep LOA students informed of developments in the school and the local education scene.

LOA Fees and Renewal of LOA

We charge an annual nominal fee for a child on Leave of Absence. At the end of each year, parents will need to decide whether to renew the LOA for their child for another year. LOA status will lapse for those who decide not to renew their LOA application.

How to apply

  • Complete the Application Form for Leave of Absence
  • Submit application form to the school.
  • Enclose a cheque made payable to " St Andrew's Junior School " (if application is made by post) or make cash payment at the school. Please do not send cash by post.
  • Renew  LOA  in November each year by submitting the renewal application form together with the required payment.